Tour of Our Home

Welcome to our house building & tour blog post! To give a little insight to our journey, we first moved to Mt Gilead, Ohio around December of 2016. At that time we moved in with my husband's parents while our house was being built half a mile away. Any time I tell someone that I was living with my in laws I get the "Oh no! How's that going?" kind of look. To be quite honest, it was wonderful. They were beyond considerate and extremely helpful, however I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss walking around in an oversized tee, braless in just my underwear. But the overall living experience was great! Gavin learned to crawl, then what seemed like a blink of an eye he began walking. We also celebrated his first birthday living with my in laws, so a lot of milestones were reached during our stay!

Most days I found myself walking across the cornfield to see the progress of our home; no matter the weather I would bundled Gavin up & we would adventure the half mile just to see some dirt being moved or the basement being dug. Our contractor, Accurate Construction , was very easy to work with and always nodded his head with a smile anytime I presented a new idea or had something to change. I learned a lot about myself during all of this. To name a few...I'm easily attracted to high end details, I let Pinterest easily persuade my decisions (often), which led into being incredibly indecisive. Oh, and my husband is a saint! Little story for you, the contractors put up the island lights before the cabinets were in. I kept staring at the lights, as the days went on I began to not like them anymore. So I put them up for sale on Facebook. Snapped a few photos of the couple day old lights and was determined to get them out of my house. Needless to say, once the cabinets when in and we decorated, I'm glad I didn't sell them. 

Garrison and I took on a few projects during the building process just to save some money. Garrison and his brother laid the flooring, I painted all the bedrooms, mudroom, all closets and put up the wall paper in the half bath. I won't lie, I think if there were a next time we wouldn't take on any of the work, we'd just let the pros take over! Some of the projects we enjoyed were our bathroom vanities, the large cabinet that was once Garrison's grandmother's and our office desks (Garrison and his brother made those, you'll see those later in the house tour!). One regret, I do wish we would have kept the bathroom vanities stained wood versus painting them a deep emerald blue.

Let's dive in! I'll take you on the tour as if you walked in through our garage door, starting with our mudroom! On the opposite wall of the shoe bench is the washer, dryer & utility sink. It's still a work in progress and our washer & dryer do not fit, yeah I we're waiting for them to go ka-put so we can buy new ones that'll hopefully fit!

Once you walk through the mudroom, you enter our huge walk in closet. I say huge because we've never had a walk in closet. I can do almost two cartwheels in this room, it's crazy! We decided since our pantry is small that we would do an over flow pantry in our master closet. The piece I'm most excited about is the closet unit from IKEA! During this whole process I felt like we lived at IKEA and Menards. During one of my random IKEA visits I saw two closet units in their sale section. I immediately called Garrison and told him. They were already put together because they were used as floor displays, win win! I had no idea how big they were or if they would fit in his truck, but I was determined to get them (this is typical for me, buying something without measuring first!). I got the go ahead, we picked them up and traveled VERY slowly back home. We only lost two drawers en route, luckily it was before we got onto the highway! I got those bad boys for 50% off, CHA-CHING! As you can tell we filled the closet very quickly!

We then loop into our master bathroom! That's probably my favorite design about this house, how the mudroom, closet, bathroom & master bedroom all flow together! The emerald green vanities were sanded down and painted by us! My husband then made them into useable sinks! As you can tell, my son loves to crawl underneath and hide :) Our awesome "get naked" sign was handmade by the amazing Lovely Grain Studio, it turned out PERFECT! Lights are from Menards and our mirrors are from Target

Welcome to our master bedroom. I love this room because it's simple, open and full of light! One of my amazing brother in law's made our bed, it fits the space perfectly! We bought our rug from a Facebook buy/sell page (I wish you could have watched me shove this thing into my tiny Civic). I was nervous about the size at first but it gives some carpeted area for Gavin to roll around and play! The palm tree is from Krogers, I bought that bad boy for $2.50! #managerspecial One of my favorite parts of our bedroom is our wedding photo by the amazing Kelly Maughan, Garrison gave it to me as a gift for our first wedding anniversary. 

As you walk out of our bedroom you pass the little half bathroom. I spent many hours cussing in this room. That damn wall paper, which is actually contact paper (similar to a decal) was incredibly hard to put up! My mom actually had to come over and save the day! The mirror was a wedding gift from Crate & Barrel, I'm happy we finally found a home for it! The vanity is from Menards, I just changed out the handles and TAA-DAA it looks a little fancier. 

House Tour +Gavin March '18-78.jpg

On to the most used areas, kitchen, dinning room and living room. This is where Gavin's clutter collects, where we dump all groceries and random things and where many memories will be made! The kitchen island is the same color as our front door, which in all honesty I wish I painted it more of a neutral color. Underneath the black wall sconce, to the left of the sink will be raw barn wood open shelves, we just haven't gotten that far yet! One fun little detail is our corner cabinets. We decided against a lazy suzan and did corner drawers instead, they've worked well so far! Majority of our large items, like the kitchen sink & faucet are off of Amazon. Our pendants are from West Elm and the light in the dining room, I can't remember for the life of me where I got it, some random lighting site (I visited WAY too many of those!). Our barstools are from the Facebook buy/sell site and the dining room table and chairs were Garrison's grandmother's. The dark charcoal colored cabinet was the old cabinet from his grandmother's home that I repurposed into our bar! The wedding photo of our bridal party is my second favorite from our wedding day, Kelly killed it! As for the "be patient" sign, that's our family phrase for 2018. Patience isn't my forte, so I'm reminded daily to practice! Another thing I am quite proud of are the plants. Previous to this house I killed any plant I cared, including all succulent plants (who does that?). Now I have ten plants throughout the house and THEY'RE ALL ALIVE (insert happy dance)! What's the trick? I have no idea!

On to the other side of the house! Next up, our office, my home away from home. This office is straight from an IKEA catalog. The desk drawers, desk legs, shelves and rug are all from Ikea. The shelves are four shelves pieced together (eight shelves total, that's a lot of "shelves" in one sentence). The fig leaf plant is from Lowes. The two square photos on my desk are printed through my favorite company, Artifact Uprising . The one taken of Gavin and I was taken by the talented Lauren Anne Photography. Some of the other images you see on the shelf like the close up canvas of Gavin was taken by the talented Hayley Brooks, the maternity photo on the bottom shelf, far left was taken by the talented Kismet Visuals and the images with our puppies were taken by Miss Kelly Maughan! 

On to our guest bedroom (aka the grandma-suite). This room was some what of an after thought. I knew I had an awesome rug I wanted to use, from there the decorations do not match at all (oh well!). We randomly bought the mattress about two months ago, plopped it on the floor, threw the Home Goods comforter and called it a day! The side table was originally bought for our master bedroom, I decided I didn't like it there so I moved it here! The handwritten sign on top of the table was created by Elisabeth Creative Studio, I just loved the saying! The cute little succulent decoration was handmade by Willow Lane Interiors.

Fun little story, when we have guests over Gavin LOVES to show them his room, he quickly replies with a high pitched "YEAH!" with a head nod, then quickly scurries off to his room. Oh, he is also loves his toothbrush and reading books! So follow along and lets head down the hallway. The first picture is a quick glimpse into Gavin bathroom, shower curtain from good ole' Target, the step stool is from Home Goods and the vanity is from Lowes. 

Onto Mr. Gavin's room. Where do I begin? His vanity is from the Rural Society show that's held every spring & fall at Warwick farms, it's so awesome and also where Garrison and I got married! The teepee is from The Land of Nod and the cute little fox sleeping pad is from Target and the gray rug is from Lowes. The decorative pieces, like the B&W photos of Gavin were created by my AMAZINGLY awesome cousin If you send her a simple iPhone image, she create images like the ones you see of Gavin! The wooden GJT piece was handmade by the dad, "PAP-PAW". 

Last but not least, the exterior of our home. We juggled back and forth between a dark indigo siding and white. There was over a $1,000 difference (indigo being more expensive), so we said screw i,t we'll do white! We went with the board and batten siding with black accents and a stained wood touch for the porch. The over the garage door lights as well as the front porch lights are from Menards, as well as the black garage doors and the double front doors. Come spring or summer we plan to add landscaping and hope to save up for a concrete pad and walkway to the front porch. If you walk around back you'll think our house was huge. The walk out basement feature creates such an illusion. As for our back deck we decided to get the composite decking, figured it would have a lot of wear and tear over the years. As for our basement, it's not anything too fancy, just an unfinished space that's perfect for our home gym and storing random things! 

That sums up our space! I can't thank you enough for taking a virtual tour through our forever home. I hope you have an awesome day! xo