Brittany & Francois

Traveling to Chicago for Brittany & Francois' engagement session was well worth the trip! They were kind enough to suggest several yummy locations to grab dinner, perfect spots for hot coffee & to die for breakfast & not to mention the donut shop they took me to on our photo shoot adventures, can you say nutella + donut = heaven? Meet the sweet, kindhearted Brittany & Francois.

Brittany & Francois_Engagement-105.jpg

We began our city adventures outside of their apartment, where they both braved the windy 30 degree Chicago weather!

Fun fact, Francois will say "bisous" (bee-zoo), which is French for kiss and Riley will share her love with the two of them! 

Lotties, their neighborhood bar where they've not only become regulars but where they took a shot of fireball after he proposed!

Just a couple blocks away we stopped at their favorite French restaurant, Le Bouchon. The same restaurant where they ate dinner after the proposal! 

Brittany & Francois_Engagement-114.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-133.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-179.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-63.jpg

Walking from the French restaurant to the subway we passed this bridge. I've always wanted to try the moving traffic type of shot, so I abruptly stopped & asked if they would adventure into traffic. They didn't hesitate to say YES! Well, Francois hesitated slightly only because he didn't want to take off his warm coat again!

Brittany & Francois_Engagement-64.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-192.jpg

Once we arrived at the subway we learned that you're not allowed to take photos once you've entered into the subway area. Should have just asked for forgiveness, lesson learned!

Brittany & Francois_Engagement-222.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-68.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-72.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-9.jpg
Brittany & Francois_Engagement-264.jpg

Thank you Brittany & Francois xo.