2018 | Reflecting Back + Moving Forward

It’s 2019. I blinked and another year has passed. Days flew by, memories were made and many cups of coffee were drank. As I look back I’m sure there were plenty of things I would chose to do differently but all the mistakes, whirlwinds and failures actually made 2018 a great year.

2018 was full of growth, my son seems to look older every week, my husband graduated and is now a Nurse Practitioner and the business goals I created for 2018 year were met, plus much more.

Hitting goals, seeing growth wouldn’t have happened without every family, couple, individual that believed in my work, my passion. “Thank you” sure as hell isn’t enough. The amount of appreciation and gratitude I have for you all is through the roof. Years from now I hope that you can look at the images and remember the special memories that were made that year.

I cannot forget about my family. There were times, many times, I spent hours on my computer editing, traveling to sessions and checking items off my to-do list, taking away from family time or snuggle time. Your support, love, and patience means the world. My business was able to bloom, as well as my confidence. I love you.

2018 was a year to remember. This morning I created life/health/fitness goals for 2019. I’d like to share them with you, not only to hold myself accountable but to possibly inspire and encourage you to do the same.

  • Reduce sugar intake. Enjoy dessert twice per week (one serving. Example: cookie? Then just ONE cookie for dessert). Any other sweet cravings will be fixed with fruit.

  • Workout 5 days per week. 4 days of strength/1 day of yoga. 20-60 minutes per workout depending on the type of workout.

  • Book 5 more weddings than I did last year.

  • Include veggies for lunch and dinner each day. Including variety, deep pigmented colors and limiting corn, potatoes, peas and high starch/sugar veggies. Including more beets, Brussel sprouts, spinach, arugula, multi-colored carrots, green beans.

  • Create a more “sleep healthy” routine before bed. No screen time 15 minutes before bed time (845-9p during week). Read either to Gavin or a book of my own for 5-10 minutes before bed at least 2-3 times per week. Do the typical things: wash face, brush teeth etc.

  • Put my laundry away once it’s folded. Don’t let the laundry sit in the baskets for longer than one day! (Yes, this is a real goal!)

  • Organize the basement, get rid of unneeded items and separate things into the appropriate bins.

  • Spend time outdoors for at least 15 minutes each day to play with Gavin, go for a walk and/or clean up the yard. Especially during busy season for photography to step away from the computer.

  • Be more patient with Gavin. When he does wrong keep calm and fix the situation versus quickly getting upset. Talk to him calmly and let him know why it was wrong.

  • Include high quality/wild caught fish one time per week.

  • Enjoy a date night with Garrison at least one time per month, out of the house just the two of us. 

  • Make Fridays “Financial day”. A day where you update quickbooks, deposit checks, send invoices, etc.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s the last little session I photographed in 2018. My family & I finding the perfect Christmas tree.

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