It's me, Cait!

Super pumped you're visiting my brand spankin' new website & branding! To kick things off I'd like to welcome you into my world. That's me, a small business owner living in the country with my husband, son & two dogs. We went from living in the city without a care in the world, to living in a small neighborhood in Powell, Ohio & now we live about an hour away from civilization (ok, that's exaggerating but we now live surrounded by cornfields & woods!). My son Gavin is about to turn two years old & I still feel like I'm a freshman at the University of Mommy-hood. I'm currently receiving a C- in patience, A+ in heating up my coffee twelve times and a F at finding my sanity (not sure what year I'll graduate, 2050?). On the upside, he thinks I'm pretty cool! This year is about to be an awesomely-chaotic year for my family. My husband is in his last year of NP school (I don't know how he does it!), we will be celebrating 5 years of marriage in June & 10 years together and not to mention, I'm turning 30 (it's basically the new 21, right?). So cheers to you 2018, let's make it a badass year!

2018-01-06 00.14.20.jpg

At the end of last year we moved into our new home that we built from the ground up. Let me tell you, I spent wayyy too many hours on Pinterest just to change my mind the next day. I'm pretty sure I made about one million decisions and then changed my mind two million times, my husband wanted to kill me. At one point I asked him if it was noticeable that the brushed gold finishes in the kitchen & dinning room were two different shades, his reply "I don't know. Just call our contractor and tell him to build a wall & you'll never notice." Needless to say, he was fed up with the way my brain was working! I'll leave the house tour for another blog post, be sure to stay tuned!

Gavin 21 Months-1.jpg

To wrap things up, here are several photos of my life. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you visit again! xo