The new Cait Rose

Holy cannoli thank you Jesus for The Wonder Jam; their patience, creativity & magical powers were like no other. My logo, branding & website would not have been possible without their creative juices. Thank you, thank you!

Lets chat about the whole process, what inspired me & what to expect next! My first inspiration was YOU! It all started with my past, future clients & those who surround me in this creative world. I thought about how can I create a path for my business that I can enjoy venturing down for many years from now (some people call that timeless, I call it making a scary, permanent decision). After gathering my inspiration into (onto?) a Pinterest board, I then brainstormed with The Wonder Jam. 

During one of our meetings I randomly mentioned the word "rad" when looking at my new logo. After saying "rad" multiple times, it grew into a connection, I knew I wanted my logo to feel rad ("...slang sense of 'extraordinary, wonderful' from the late 1970s"). Completely random, but it just clicked. Quite frankly, this word makes me feel pretty cool when I say it, until I look down & I'm still wearing sweatpants with my hair in last night's messy bun. But in all seriousness, I wanted to create a vibe that wasn't overly feminine, but still felt powerful & extraordinary; a brand that stood strong by itself but still needed a touch of warmth & softness to round it out. After a few meetings with The Wonder Jam, my brand came to life. I want to welcome you to the new Cait Rose -YAY!

What's the future look like for my brand? Well, moving forward I plan to create powerful goals, serve my clients the best I can (starting with inviting you to join my email list where I'll provide tips & tricks for photo sessions & you'll get dibs on any special photo sessions I'll be hosting throughout the year!  & provide a wonderfully badass experience for all of YOU!

Here's a little bit of the inspiration behind my new brand! Thank you so very much to stopping by! Hope to chat soon!

image one: Emily Wells Design     image two: Etsy     image three: INDIEGOGO     image four: Pinterest